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My Child Has Talent And Should Be On Television

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Ever think you have a gifted and talented child who should probably be on television? If not, then you likely know of someone who has entertained that very idea. Well, while the thought of having our child's face grace the "silver screen", roadside billboards and magazine covers likely creates a euphoric feeling like none we've ever experienced, the reality is the odds of becoming a successful "movie star" are not very high. According to, 000086 of the world population, or about 1 in 10,000, are famous. As a matter of fact, according to, only two percent of working actors make enough money to cover their cost of living.

Considering these odds, if finding success in the tv and film industry is of interest to you, then one recommendation that should be heeded is self-investment. Enroll in classes that are specific to your area of interest, wheather it be acting, writing or producing, and work to establish a meaningful body of work to showcase your talent. Also, never underestimate the value of good old fashion networking. It is a tried and true method that has stood the test of time. If you're the parent of a minor who's also grappling with the decision of delving into the industry, then proceed with caution and be mindful of the countless red flags and pitfalls that are seemingly waiting at every corner. Vet any potential business partner and be leery of requests for upfront cash or referrals to their network partners who also charge huge fees for services. Start low and go slow. Pace yourself and remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Au Revoir,

Mahalia Jackson-Butler, MBA

Writer, Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Talent Manager ,CEO

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